An End-to-End Design + Manufacturing Studio

We understand today's need for deeper experiences with consumers. We offer a vast array of products ranging from simple prints on a t-shirt to full service custom merchandise. Anything you can imagine, we can produce.

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We offer am immerse and informed design experience for all of our collaborators. You are the creative director, we are your tools.

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Creative Consult


Our in-house manufacturing capabilities are extensive and 100% accessible to you.

Cut and Sew
Print on Demand
Specialty Products

Distribute Outside.

We provide the experience and knowledge to execute against almost any in-person creative endeavor.

Pop ups

Distribute Online.

Our e-commerce program helps maximize visibility and profit while remaining nimble against expenses and timelines.

Website design
E-com management
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Halftone® is a creative merchandise agency designed to service the leaders in the music, sports, and cannabis industries. We are the ultimate resource for executing high level ideas, products, and experiences.

Have you ever been unable to execute a great idea because you were waiting on approval? Or contrarily, been unable to execute due to lack of resources or experience? We solve both problems at once by taking advantage of the organization and technical expertise of our in-house manufacturing facility. With a 50,000 square foot facility,150 employees, and 30+ years in the apparel industry, we will never lack the resources to execute. There are no hoops to jump through with 3rd party vendors; our direct line of access makes our production and sourcing efficiency unmatched.